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 List of cases


IX. Mycetomas

Case 56: Schizomycetoma / Carcinoma

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A farmer from the environs of the town Mérida/ Venezuela is presenting on his left elbow an extensive, ulcerated, clearly limited tumor tissue extending to the forearm. In the peripherical parts of the tumor haemorrhages are seen.

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In the another patient from the Venezuelan Andes an ulcerated bleeding tumor was found on the back of his hand between the thumb and the forefinger. The tumor is smaller but has a certain similarity to the schixomycetoma of fig. 56-A1.

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The slide of the biopsy was stained with HE and showed a non-specific inflammation with abscesses containing grains of a blue colour and irregularly formed.

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Histologically a slightly cornified squamous cell carcinoma was diagnosed.

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In another place a grain under higher magnification is markedly haematoxylin-positive and presents puntiform structures, i. e. bacteria forming the grain. As mentioned above the term grain and mycetoma earlier was used only for grains and mycetomas formed by fungi.

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Here the grains are GMS positive and consist of staphylococci.

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The GMS positive gr ains in this case are formed partly very irregularly. They were named earlier botryomycotic structures. Nowadays, however, they are called grains or schizomycetomas. "Schizo" refered to the partition of bacteria.

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