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Tropical Diseases:

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II Paracoccidioidomycosis
III Blastomycocis
IV Chromoblastomycosis
V Lepra
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X Rhinoscleroma
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XII Actinomycosis
XIII Mucormycosis
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XV Protothecosis
XVI Lobomycosis
XVII Phaeohyphomycosis
XVIII Pruritus actinicus
XIX Bite of snake
XX Coccidioidomycosis

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IV. Chromoblastomycosis

Case 35: Chromoblastomycosis / Contact dermatitis

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Contact dermatitis

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In a 28-year old cattle breeder from the State Apure / Venezuela developed in the course of two years a small ulcer on his left ear lobe, which is itching and had a thin crust. After the failing of several treatments the patient consulted a dermatologist. On his left cheek did grow, further, a fluctuating abscess.

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Contact dermatitis

In a 20-year old farmhand a very painful inflammation began to appear on his left ear after painting a wooden fence with Karbolineum (a phenol product used to protect wooden fences). The surface of the reddened ear was smooth, but on the inside started to grow hemorrhagic, vesicle-like skin thickenings blocking the auditory canal.

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In the histological slide of the biopsy taken from the left earlobe was found under the atrophic epidermis a microabscess containing several fungus cells with a thick brown capsule. This tumor with a proper colour belongs to the group of Dematiaceae. See also the fungi with yellow-brown hyphae in the phaeohyphomycosis.

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Contact dermatitis

The biopsy taken from the ear showed several intraepidermal vesicles containing a serous liquid with the presence of several epithelial cells. The walls of the vesicles were formed by epithelial cells with haemorrhages.

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