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Título: Hydrodynamics in class b warped spacetimes.
Autores: Núñez, Luis
Carot, Jaume
Correo Electrónico:
Resumen: Hydrodynamics in class b warped spacetimes. (Núñez, Luis; Carot, Jeumes.) Abstract We discuss certain general features of type B warped spacetimes which have important consequences on the material content they may admit and its associated dynamics. We show that, for Warped B spacetimes, if shear and anisotropy are nonvanishing, they have to be proportional. We also study some of the physics related to the warping factor and of the underlying decomposable metric. Finally we explore the only possible cases compatible with a type B Warped geometry which satisfy the dominant energy conditions. As an example of the above mentioned consequences we consider a radiating fluid and two non-spherically symmetric metrics which depend upon an arbitrary parameter a, such that for a = 0 spherical symmetry is recovered in both cases.
Fecha: 26-Jan-2006
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