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  • Urbach’s tail in the absorption spectra of Cu2GeSe3 semiconducting compound 

    Rincón, C.; Marcano García, Gustavo José; Wasím, Syed M.; Marín, G.; Villarreal, Manuel; Sánchez Pérez, Gerardo (SaberULA, 2019-05-29)
    In the present work we report on the analysis of the Urbach’s tail in pure and Mn-doped Cu2GeSe3 samples having small deviation from its ideal stoichiometry. It is found that the high values of the phonon energy h?p ...
  • Synthesis, thermal analysis and structural characterization of the ternary compound Ag2SnTe3 

    Delgado, Gerzon; Pirela B., María E.; Velásquez Velásquez, Ana; Villarreal, Manuel; Fernández, Braulio J.; Grima Gallardo, Grima Gallardo, Pedro (SaberULA, Venezuela, 2019-05-29)
    The ternary compound Ag2 SnTe3 has been synthesized and investigated by means of X-ray powder diffraction and its structure has been refined by the Rietveld method. The thermal differential analysis indicates a melting ...
  • Propiedades magnéticas del sistema de aleaciones Cu2Cd1-ZMnZSnSe4 

    Moreno, E.; Quintero, M.; Morocoima, Manuel J.; Villarreal, Manuel; Quintero, E.; Grima Gallardo, Pedro; Tovar, R.; Caldera Moreno, Dayana Carolina; Álvarez, S.; Bocaranda, Pablo; Henao, J. A.; Macías, M. A. (SaberULA, 2019-05-29)
    En este trabajo se reportan las medidas de susceptibilidad magnética X en función de la temperatura en el rango de 2-300 K de muestras policristalinas del sistema de aleaciones semiconductor magnético Cu2Cd1-zMnzSnSe4. ...
  • Gas exchange, growth, flowering and furit production in sweet pepper (Capsicum chinenseJacq) along a thermal gradient determined by altitudinal differences in a tropical region 

    Jaimez, Ramón; Rada R., Fermin J. (Experimental Agriculture 15: doi:10.1017/S0014479715000071., Inglaterra, 2016-04)
    A common practice in some South American countries consists in moving around Capsicum chinense cultivars between regions where edaphoclimatic conditions differ notably. The purpose of this research was to compare and relate ...
  • Functional Diversity in Tropical High Elevation Giant Rosettes 

    Rada R., Fermin J. (Goldstein G, Santiago LS (Eds). Tropical Tree Physiology. Springer., Suiza, 2016-03-04)
    Strong daily temperature variations, seasonal soil water availability and high air evaporative demands play an essential role in adaptive responses of tropical high elevation mountain plants. Giant rosettes are a perfect ...
  • Freezing avoidance in tropical Andean bamboos 

    Ely Bali, Francisca; Kiyota, Sayuri; Rada R., Fermin J. (The Journal of the American Bamboo Society 27:1-10., 2014)
    Frost resistance was compared in five species of different li