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Título: First European interlaboratory study of the analysis of benzoxazinone.
Autores: Eljarrat, E.
Oliveros Bastidas, Alberto
Macías, Francisco A.
Guillamón, M.
Seuma, J.
Mogensen, B. B.
Fomsgaard, I. S.
Stochmal, A.
Oleszek, W.
Shakaliene, O.
Barceló, D.
Correo Electrónico:
Resumen: First European interlaboratory study of the analysis of benzoxazinone derivatives in plants by liquid chromatography (Eljarrat, E.; Guillamón, M.; Seuma, J.; Mogensen, B. B.; Fomsgaard, I. S.; Oliveros Bastidas, Alberto; Macías, F. A.; Stochmal, A.; Oleszek, W.; Shakaliene, O.; Barceló, D.) Abstract Six laboratories from four different countries participated in the first European interlaboratory comparison exercise within the framework of the "Fate and toxicity of allelochemicals (natural plant toxins) in relation to environment and consumer" (FATEALLCHEM) European Union Project. The study, organized between November 2002 and March 2003, involved the analyses of seven benzoxazinone derivatives in two standard solutions and one purified extract of root material. Results are reported from the first phase of the study that examined the variability associated with different detection methods and different laboratories. The analytical strategies were based on liquid chromatography (LC) with diode array detection, LC coupled to mass spectrometry (MS) and LC coupled to tandem MS. When data from all laboratories were pooled, the relative standard deviation values ranged from 2 to 14% for the determination of target compounds in standard solutions, and between 19 and 47% for the analysis in root material. Comparison of the three detection techniques leads to the conclusion that MS approaches are the most accurate and precise techniques for the determination of benzoxazinone derivatives at ng/µL level in plant material. © 2004 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. This article was presented at the 3rd Meeting of the Spanish Association of Chromatography and Related Techniques and the EuropeanWorkshop: 3rdWasteWater Cluster, Aguadulce (Almeria), 19-21 November, 2003.
Fecha: 2-Jul-2008
Idioma: Inglés
Palabras Clave: Interlaboratory studies
Plant material
Palabras Clave: Química
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