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Título: Propagation of a shock wave in a radiating spherically symmetric distribution of matter
Autores: Herrera, L.
Núñez, Luis
Correo Electrónico:
Resumen: Propagation of a shock wave in a radiating spherically symmetric distribution of matter (Herrera, L.; Núñez, Luis) Abstract A method used to study the evolution of radiating spheres reported by L. Herrera, J. Jimenez, and G. Ruggeri in 1980 is extended to the case in which the sphere is divided in two regions by a shock wave front. The equations of state at both sides of the shock are different, and the solutions are matched on it via the Rankine-Hugoniot conditions. The outer region metric is matched with a Vaidya solution on the boundary surface of the sphere. As an example of the procedure, we consider two known solutions for radiating systems. The matter distribution is free of singularities everywhere within the sphere and a Gaussian-like pulse is assumed to carry out a fraction of the total mass. Exploding models are then obtained. Finally, the results are discussed in the light of recent work on gravitational collapse and supernovae. Artículo publicado en: The Astrophysical Journal, 319: 868-884,1987 August 15
Fecha: 8-Dec-2005
Palabras Claves: Distribuciones autogravitantes
Palabras Clave: Shock waves
Stars: supernovae
Equations of state
Gravitational collapse
Mass distribution
Radiative transfer
Shock wave propagation
Astronomical models
Matter (physics)
Rankine-Hugoniot relation
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