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Tropical Diseases:

I Leishmaniasis
II Paracoccidioidomycosis
III Blastomycocis
IV Chromoblastomycosis
V Lepra
VI Sporotrichosis
VII Histoplasmosis
VIII Rhinosporidiosis
IX Mycetomas
X Rhinoscleroma
XI Chagasdisease
XII Actinomycosis
XIII Mucormycosis
XIV Amoebiasis
XV Protothecosis
XVI Lobomycosis
XVII Phaeohyphomycosis
XVIII Pruritus actinicus
XIX Bite of snake
XX Coccidioidomycosis

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IV. Chromoblastomycosis

Case 31: Chromoblastomycosis / Congenital Cyst

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Congenital Cyst

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An uncommon localization of this fungal infection in this. The patient referred that she acquired this slowly growing tumor during a picnic, when she sat down on the grass on the edge of a forest.

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Congenital Cyst

In a 15- years old girl a tumor in the gluteal region was found as in the patient of the-A1. In the biopsy neither malignancy nor an infection was found.

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In addition to a pseudoepitheliomatous hyperplasia of the epidermis a non-specific inflammation is seen in the corium. With this low power fungi are not detected. HE stain.

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The fungus cells with their typical brown colour are mostly arranged in pairs or small clusters. HE stain.

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