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Título: Writing and publishing in peripheral scholarly journals: How to enhance the global influence of multilingual scholars?
Autores: Salager-Meyer, Françoise E.
Correo Electrónico:
Editor: Journal of English for Academic Purposes 13 (2014) 78-82
Resumen: I begin this opinion piece by defining the two main sets of scientific publications, viz.,mainstream/center journals and peripheral/small ones. I then analyze why multilingual peripheral scholars choose to publish their research results in English-medium journals and why they also often choose to publish them in domestic journals written in national languages. Because of the existing highly competitive journal publishing environment, I present a few measures that could be undertaken to allow multilingual peripheral researchers to increase their influence as global partners in the world of science.
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Colación: 78-82
Fecha: Mar-2014
País: Venezuela
Palabras Clave: Periphery
Scientific publication
Multilingual scholar
Domestic journals
National languages
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