Compositional data of honey produced by stingless bees (Apidae, Apinae, Meliponini) are generally published as averages or remain unpublished. To progress in the proposal of quality standards for honey produced in pots, individual data should be retrieved from original documents to become available. The stingless bee honey (SBH) from the world can do that, for honey samples with entomological identifications. GPS location is now possible to provide, as well as e-mail address. Stingless beekeepers should also be visible.


The database profiles stingless bee honey physicochemical composition, melissopalynology, bioactivity, geographical origin, bee management, methods of extraction, processing and storage, indicating references of analytical methods.


Analysts of stingless bee honey can send their contributions in the suggested format. It is also advisable to mail the original document (report, thesis, etc.) or portions of it, to backup the database.

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