The GISA was recognized by the Directory of the Scientific, Humanistic, and Technological Development Council (CDCHT) of the Universidad de Los Andes (ULA) during its meeting # 04-94, on the date 23-06-94. It is a working unit geared towards the formulation, execution, and continuation of research projects (basic and applied), which proposes solutions to agricultural, ecological, and environmental problems of the state of Trujillo and the rest of the country. Lines of Research: - Analysis of agro-ecological and environmental sustainability of productive watersheds in Venezuela. - Evaluation and management of the fertility (macroelements) of agricultural soil. - Land and shallow water conservation studies. - Edapho-climatic, pedo-geomorphological and water and land usage conflict analysis. - Definition of soil types in simple terms. - Integrated evaluation of subterranean hydric resources. - Complexity and sustainable development. Proyectadas: - Diagnosis, study, and evaluation of environmental impacts. - Soil quality indicators and its spacial variability. - Design and launching of the Automatized System of Land Homogeneity (SIAHT). - Referential soil collection. - Analysis of technopoles as an alternative to sustainable regional and local development. - Endogenous development