The telescopic Grand refractor of the National Astronomic Observatory of the planes of Hato (State of Mérida), is a gigantic eye which from Apartaderos looks each night to the starry heavens, to see what many past generations could not see or to increasingly contemplate that which by other means is seen as confusing and minute. In similar form, our International Political Observatory search as an intelligent telescope that looks at the political world, to facilitate our reading which is better seen and appears to be simple nebula for the majority. It attempts to help us elevate the periodicals simple information from international agencies as well as television news agencies, with an adult reflection, scientific, on themes and actual international events. Two types: A) Investigation of Political Science, with 2 projects. Which each one includes 1) Structured theory, 2) Phenomena of a crisis, 3) Analysis of intervening factors (eco, social, political, constitutional, ethical, international). Project CDCHT D-95-94-09-B Political Re-engineering: Colombia Case (already approved and published). Project D-158-99-09B Political Re-engineering: Venezuela case bought in Colombia (in the course). B) Articles of International Political observance, published in the "diario Frontera" and accessible in the Web of ULA. As of this time 229 works on 38 countries.