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    • GridChoque: a grid environment to experiment on spherically symmetric general relativistic radiation hydrodynamics 

      Camacho, Reina; Díaz, Gilberto; Hamar, Vanessa; Hoeger, Herbert; León, R.; Núñez, Luis (2009-10-20)
      This paper presents a Grid application, GridChoque: a distributed, and a grid based, environment devised to explore the general relativistic spherically radiative stellar collapse using several tools of calculus and ...
    • LAGOvirtual a collaborative environment for the large aperture GRB observatory 

      Camacho, Reina; Chacón, R.; Díaz, Gilberto; Guada B., Carlos E.; Hamar, Vanessa; Hoeger, Herbert; Melfo, Alejandra; Núñez, Luis; Pérez, Y.; Quintero, Carlos; Rosales R., Misael D.; Torréns Heeren, Rodrigo J. (2009-10-20)
      We present the LAGOVirtual Project: an ongoing project to develop platform to collaborate in the Large Aperture GRB Observatory (LAGO). This continental-wide observatory is devised to detect high energy (around 100 GeV) ...