Fermion localization on thick branes.
(Melfo, Alejandra; Pantoja, Nelson and Tempo, José David)

We consider chiral fermion confinement in scalar thick branes, which are known to localize gravity, coupled through a Yukawa term. The conditions for the confinement and their behavior in the thin-wall limit are found for various different BPS branes, including double walls and branes interpolating between different AdS5 spacetimes. We show that only one massless chiral mode is localized in all these walls, whenever the wall thickness is keep finite. We also show that, independently of wall’s thickness, chiral fermionic modes cannot be localized in dS4 walls embedded in a M5 spacetime. Finally, massive fermions in double wall spacetimes are also investigated. We find that, besides the massless chiral mode localization, these double walls support quasi-localized massive modes of both chiralities.