The self-referential structure of an everyday-living situation:
A phenomenological ontology for interpretive systemology

(Fuenmayor Arocha, Ramsés Leonardo)

This is the second article in a trilogy. In the preceding paper, an ontoepistemology for reductionism was presented. It thus constituted a contrasting counter-ontoepistemology for the systems approach. The present article is devoted to outlining an ontoepistemology for the systems approach which, in contrast with the former counter-ontoepistemology, can explain wholeness. Such an outline is organized around the description of the essentially dynamic structure of an everyday-living situation, so that the holistic character of what-ever-is-the-case may be put forward. The discussion concerning the structure of an everyday-living situation is performed under a phenomenological approach. Thus, the paper begins by presenting a very brief introduction to phenomenology.

This article was published in Systems Practice, Vol. 4, Nº 5, 1991. pp. 449-472. Plenum Press, New York and London.