Online distance learning at the university of los andes: A software engineering approach.
(Sandia S. Beatriz,Montilva Jonás .)


This paper focuses on the application of good practices to the development of instructional web sites. The development of a web site, to support a distance or campus-based online course, is a very complex process that involves many instructional and technical aspects, including the instructional purpose of the course, its content, its structure, its interface, and its teaching-learning activities. The use of a method is essential for dealing with the complexity of this process. We describe, in this paper, a software engineering method that helps course designers and teachers to develop high quality instructional web sites. The design of the method was based on the integration of well-known principles, concepts and process models borrowed from instructional design and object-oriented software engineering. The method addresses the managerial processes required to plan, organize, and control the project, as well as the instructional and technical activities involved in the development of high quality course sites. The application of the method to the design of ODL courses at the University of Los Andes-Venezuela is discussed very briefly.

I Conferencia Anual Ariadne.
Leuven, Bélgica