Analyze the impact which links agriculture, the environment and the procedure to a sustainable conception. Create and Develop theoretic focuses - methodologies from agro economics, agro-management, and agro-environmental from which there can be a decision made on a microeconomic level (communities and units of production) and macroeconomic (Public and private organizations) to better the quality of life for the communities selected, within the framework of the investigative- action. Lines of Research: - Agro-economic: to set forth the analysis of incidence of variables macro and micro economics in the activities of different actors (pub and priv) in the communities studied to explain the problem and put forth alternatives of action. - Agro-management: attempt to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the administrative systems, (factors/results) fundamentally those aspects of productivity, finance, participation, organization, commercialization, etc, for the exercise of actions that produce changes or transformations in the pro development of the region. - Agro-environmental: analyze and study environmental problems and their incidental impacts in the management and productivity promised in the productive process of the factors. Contemplate schemes of sustainability evidenced from the quality of life and the cultural development of the communities studied.