The Group of Ecological chemistry is a team of professionals dedicated to the study of the interactions between measured organisms by organic composite chemicals. In this large context, this investigation is specially directed towards the study of chemically toxic composites which affect mammalian, insects, and plants. The Group of Ecological Chemistry was created in September of 1991, in the Department of Chemistry of the Sciences Faculty of the University of the Andes in Mérida, Venezuela, as a result of the increase in the importance of ecological chemistry in the investigation of products and the necessity to exploit the extraordinary biodiversity of plants in the surrounding area. Actually, Mérida is located in the mountain range of the west Andes of Venezuela. Within a variety of ecosystems in the zone, there are rich lands of humid forests of the Maracaibo Lake and the foot hills of Barinas, the fogy virgin forest and the high Andean plateaus of singular biotic, uniquely in the world. The desert community which contains the most xerophilous species of the country is also represented in the region. All these areas are found in a perimeter within kilometers from Mérida.