Lines of Research: * Leishmania's relation to the fibrinolytic system * Determination and characterization of the receptors involved in the interaction of Mexican Leishmania with the plasminogeno* system - plasmina*. Thesis of Mariana Figueroa, Tutor Avilan Luisana. 24-03 * Utilization of the plasminogeno* system - plasmin* for promastigotes* of mexican leishmania AZV with different states of growth curve in in vitro cultivations. Thesis of Leticia Lemus, Tutor A. Luisana and M. Calcagno * Diagnosis of Chagas Disease * Obtainment of recombined antigens * Intermediary metabolism of T.cruzi y L. mexicana * Study of the components of the glycosomal membrane * Molecular biology of T. cruzi * Bacteriocin* molecular biology * Molecular biology of the plantain and pathogenic fungi * Immune response to human and experimental leishmaniasis.