The Center of Fundamental Physics is a part of the Physics Department of the Faculty of Sciences. It was founded in 1996 with the original name of the Center of Theoretical Astrophysics. Over the course of the Center's development, new areas of Physics theory, unrelated to astrophysics, became incorporated into the Center, prompting a change in the name. The CFF consists of three groups or areas of research: * Astrophysics Interstellar Medium - Astrophysical Plasmas - Solar Physics Solar Prominences - Coronal loops* Stellar and Galactic Formation - Cosmology * Chaos and Complex Systems Spatial-temporal Chaos - Formation of patterns - Dynamic processes in systems - Chaotic communication and cryptography - Physiological systems dynamics - Systems of connected charts, cellular automation - Emerging collective behavior - Socio-physics - Econo-physics * High Energy Physics Theories of Caliber - Quantum Theory of Fields - Great Unification* - Topology Defects - General Relativity - Distributional Geometry Relativist Astrophysics - Numerical Relativity Currently working as local researchers: 9 professors from the department of physics and 2 retired professors. The professors of CFF also give undergraduate courses and elective courses related to their area of research, postgraduate courses in Fundamental Physics. Also included is the collaboration of associate professors from other institutions in the country who carry out research projects in conjunction with members of the CFF.