Vision: The group is oriented towards physics research, its fundamentals, experimental applications and the processes of teaching, which guarantees the completion of the outlined goals in accordance with the latest technological tendencies. Mission: To achieve an education where new technological tendencies are stressed, relying on a culture of quality and scientific advance, competent personnel motivated to achieve, and on the control of high end technology, all of which is involved in the conservation of the human species and our planet. History: The Scientific Research and Teaching of Physics Group GRINCEF was born out of the necessity to bring together a multidisciplinary group in the different areas of physics in order to promote research activities and extension programs with student participation and the participation of graduates of Physics and Mathematics as part of the Education major of the University Nucleus "Rafael Rangel". Combined with the above mentioned necessity, the CONICIT, currently FONACIT, creates an agenda of New Technologies to grant financing to projects in the area of education. Professor Hebert Lobo, Coordinator of the Area of Physics (year 2000) and Laboratory Assistant Jesús Rosario decided to present a project proposal to the rest of the members of the Area which was then joined by Professors Gladys Gutiérrez, Jesús Briceño, and Francisco Pineda. At the end of September of that same year, after having presented the project to FONACIT, word was received that the project was approved in its totality and for this reason the GRINCEF was created. It began with six founding members, Hebert Lobo (General Coordinator), Gladys Gutiérrez (Educational Research Coordinator), Jesús Briceño (New Technologies Coordinator), Jesús Rosario (General Services and Informatics Coordinator), Francisco Pineda (Scientific Research Coordinator) and Profesor Manuel Villarreal (Administration Coordinator).