Lines of Research: - Human Development from the sociological perspective, anthropology and psychology. Has the objective to contribute in the integral development not only in the students, but also at the human level: personal, academic and social. - Analysis of the discourse. Speech studies, oral and written, in use, in its natural context, with communicative purposes. - Reading and writing in extracurricular contexts. Pursue the practices of extracurricular reading, determine the actors involved in the promotion and project a means of promotion of health by writings. - Morphology Studies of teeth. This line has the objective to identify the morphology changes of teeth in its evolutionary process. - Adhesion in Othodontology. Pursue knowledge regarding the distinct systems of adhesives existing in the area of orthodontology and the mechanisms most efficient in its application, such as historical changes that are produced in the different teeth structures involved with the adhesive systems. - University teaching. Contemplate studies about the process of inter-apprentice for the transformation and betterment, to establish a permanent association between the investigation and the educators, as well as transform and have a better quality of the university formation in the area of Orthodontology. - Epidemic investigation. Study the oral components in the health process and disease in the population from the sociacultural context specifically, which includes the family as a basic social institution and how the space in which it is biologically and socially reproduced in humanity. - Clinical Investigation. Study of the biological component and the oral component in the process of health-disease, the distribution and the behavior of the oral pathology present in the population, in therapeutic essays, prosthetics and maintenance in rehabilitation.