The Unit of Investigation of Human Development and Family Life has centers of interest the applied and fundamental investigation, the processes of physiological changes that occur during the human lifespan, in relation to three factors: cultural, family and education. In the function of these factors, the Unit of Investigation addresses the following lines of investigation: * The study of the processes that occur in the distinct educational environments * Play * The design in human development * The development of disabled persons and their integration in school * The formation of moral and personality qualities As a group of investigation of UNIDEHF, it is within their goals to contribute to the academic development of the University of the Andes, as well as to strengthen ties to the community, contributing with the advances reached through their research. In this sense to clearly establish three areas of projection: Academic, communitary and interdisciplinary. The UNIDEHF has links to groups at the university like Doctorate of Education, the center of Human Investigations (Humanic), the postgrad of Information Systems and Instructional Design. These links are also with exterior institutions as with the case of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, University of Kansas and the Ann Sullivan of Perz Center.