The group for Learning and Apprenticeship of Sciences (GEAC) born from the restlessness of a group of professors of the mentioned Physical-Natural Sciences of the School of Education to study the problems relative to the processes of teaching and apprenticeship of the natural sciences. This restlessness arose from the experiences and reflections which brought us to consider what, in actuality, the processes in education of natural sciences brings us to the most satisfactory completion. The objective of GEAC is to inquire into the problems relative to teaching and apprenticeship of the natural sciences, analyzing the different theoretic paradigms and to postulate what actually is discussed in relation to teaching and apprenticeship of the natural sciences, elaborating a group of diagnostics which characterize the most current practices to drive these processes, and to propose some innovations that contribute to the betterment of the same in the distinct levels of education. Lines of Research: - Theories and tendencies in teaching and Apprenticeship of Natural Sciences - Diagnostics of the process in teaching and Apprenticeship - Pedagogy innovations for the betterment of education in Natural Sciences.