The group of investigation and studies on Ancient and Medieval History (GIESHAM), was created in 1999. Promoted by Profesor Homero Calderón, which was able to get the help of the Professors Sara María Olmos R., Juvenal Santiago S. y Francisco Moro A., which work in the area of ancient and medieval history, which presented the project before CDCHT, and was approved and recognized in the meeting of 02-99 on 5-20-99. The objectives, as its name indicated, are the investigation and studies of the distinct aspects of Cultural Antiquity and Medieval period, but linking to the American world and particularly to Venezuela. Chronologically, the periods of time object to the investigation and studies start from the first contact between the old world and the new world up until present, so we consider that some influences of those cultures exist. The areas of investigation and study, to examine by many cultural aspects, and others: - Religion - Literature - Art - Politics - Economy - Society - History, etc. Lines of Research: * Influence of classic thought * Cultural writings * Popular Religion.