GIGESEX is a gender and sexuality research group which is a part of the Department of Anthropology and Sociology of the School of History, Faculty of Humanities and Education, Universidad de Los Andes, ULA, Mérida, Venezuela. It was founded in 1997 and officially recognized in 1999 by the Scientific, Humanistic, and Technological Development Council (ULA). Objectives: * To critically approach social relationships between the sexes from the perspective of gender as a life experience and/or category of analysis. * To analyze sexuality, the complexity and diversity of its multiple interrelations and co-determinations as a life experience and/or category of anaylsis. * To promote changes in sexist structures and practices that maintain conditions and positions of inequality and relationships of domination/submission between the sexes. * To sponsor scientific encounters and exchanges between gender and sexuality studies. * To impel and formulate proposals, strategies, projects, actions, and social policies (institutional, economic, educational, health, scientific, etc.) from the perspective of gender. * To create a meeting space for debate, critical reflection, and produciton of knowledge regarding gender, sexuality, and sexual education. * To overturn results obtained via a research-action-participation process*. Lines of Research: - Gender and sexuality. Gender and Education. Social Policy - Gender Violence Epidemiology, caso* case study** of Belén Public Clinic, Mérida - Employment in the Group of Three (G. ·) Colombia, México and Venezuela - Medical Sexology - Psycho-social aspects of prostitution from the perspective of gender - Adolescent sexual orientation - Masculine Homosexuality in Mérida's prison