Various groups belong to the Center of Research in Reading, Writing, and Socio-educational Innovations (CENDILES): - The Educational Research Workshop Group (TIE) - Socio-educational Research and Innovations Group (GISE) - Theoretical and Didactical Research of the Social Sciences Group. - Didactical Research of Reading and Writing Group (GINDLE) Objectives of CENDILES: 1. To continue with the lines of investigation developed by Postgraduate Reading and Writing, through its Research Unit, since 1986. 2. To create new programs and research lines, led by multidisciplinary teams, which permit the analysis of problems from a holistic vantage point. 3. To contribute to the training of researcher in specific fields of knowledge. 4. To advise the teaching staff of ULA in research activities. 5. To establish a permanent link between research and instruction through the undergraduate professorial chairs of the School of Education and, especially, through the professorial chairs of postgraduate programs: the Master's in Education with a Minor* in Reading and Writing and also the Specialization in Reading and Writing. 6. Disseminate, through published journals edited by the Center, the research carried out by the CENDIlES as well as other relevant work for the training of researchers and instructors within the area. 7. Direct extension programs designed to develop reading and written expression in the community. Lines of Research: 1. Training and carrying out of instruction in the area of reading and writing. 2. Study of the acquisition and development of the processes of reading and writing. 3. Development of the written language in Higher Education. 4. Learning Problems Associated with Reading and Writing. 5. Evaluation of Reading and Writing. 6. Advanced Technology and its Implications in Education. 7. Educational Reforms and New Models. 8. Sociology of School.