The Center of Research in Human Sciences (HUMANIC) is a part of the School of History and the Faculty of Humanities and Education of the Universidad de Los Andes. It is comprised of a heterogeneous group of researchers and university professionals dedicated and interested in the knowledge of the human sciences. HUMANIC is an academic reference point in the production of knowledge and the search for solutions to social problems. The current research interests of HUMANIC are grouped into three distinct areas, inside of which are placed the research projects. CITY AND URBAN LIFE - Violence and peace - Poverty: urban - rural - Public services - Urban social movements - Health and public well being CITIZEN CULTURE AND GOVERNABILITY - The state and public institutions - Culture and democracy - Civil society, citizen participation and social movements SOCIAL PRACTICES AND REPRESENTATIONS - Imagery and mentalities - Social perceptions and knowledge l SCIENCE, EDUCATION, AND SOCIAL REALITY - Instruction as a social agent - Social change: instruction and education SOCIOLOGY OF THE EVERYDAY - Identity and uprooting - Cultural sociology