On November 16, 2005, the Scientific Commission of CDCHT granted the status of Research Group to the Earth Sciences Group TERRA. TERRA is a part of the Department of General Geology of the School of Geological Engineering and is oriented towards two major lines of research. The first consists of integrated studies of sedimentary watersheds on surface areas and in the subsoil at different observation scales. The purpose is to interpret tectonic-stratigraphic and sedimentary evolution in order to search for prospective resource areas of interest to humans, especially hydrocarbons and aquiferous resources. The other line of research is directed towards the analysis of urban geologic risks and consists of the study of the geological processes which would cause such risks. This research is carried out in order to establish the technical conditions which would allow for the augmentation of security to people and civil works found in different areas or situations of geological risk, taking into consideration the spacial and temporal ability to foresee the occurrence of phenomena and the possibility of prevention against its effects. Lines of Research: - Analysis and modeling of sedimentary watersheds and igneo-metamorphic associations - Analysis of urban geological risks. - Hydrogeology. - Crystalline growth and experimental geochemistry of water.