The activities of the Center of Research in Interpretive Systemology (CSI) revolve around a macro-project of research that was conceived and put into action in 1980 by a group of researchers from this university under the name of Interpretive Systemology. Interpretive Systemology arose as a current of systems thought through the confluence of two fundamental issues. On the one hand, the elaboration of a theoretical perspective that could satisfactorily explain the systemic character (or holistic meaning) of phenomena in general. On the other hand, the systemic comprehension of the public organizations of our Latin American Societies. Reflection on these two questions led to the formulation of a first version of Philosophical Fundamentals of the Focus on Systems. The distinctive feature of this platform is its interpretive and phenomenological comprehension of the unity of phenomena, explicitly and essentially opposed to the reductionist foci that are currently dominant. Lines of Research: - Conceptual bases concentrated on systems - Education system - Justice system - Social protection system - Management technologies - Organization of civil society