The Center of Studies in Microelectronics and Distributed Systems (CEMISID) is a part of the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad de Los Andes in Mérida, Venezuela. CEMISID is oriented towards the creation, transference, and innovation of technological works (TeIT) in the areas of microelectronics and distributed systems. Taken together, these areas cover the discipline of complex digital systems where, in the case of hardware, the architecture of solutions implantation is conceived as systems in an IC or, in the case of synergetic distributed systems, implanted intelligence in a computer inter-network. CEMISID links diverse scientific disciplines in the sciences of computation and electronic and systems engineering with emerging technologies in computation, microelectronics, communications and control, with the talent of engineers whose knowledge - "know how" - has been acquired through fourth level formal education and extensive experience in research and technological development in sub-disciplines that include the architecture of superscalar processors, the architecture of digital systems reconfigurable to FPLDs and FPGAS, distributed operating systems, computer networks and communication protocol of network and inter-network-TC/IP, Internet, ATM ISDN - the development of multi-agent systems programs, of distributed systems - client/server, transmission to groups -, in emerging computation and evolutionary nueral networks, diffuse computation - and parallel computation. In all of these, the work of formal specification and verification of the proposals of development (design + implantation) of complex systems digital solutions is a disciplinary endeavor and of relevant technological innovation. Lines of Research: * Synergetic distributed systems in distributed computational infrastructure * Parallel computation of intensive problems. * Artificial intelligence systems for automatization and control. * Microelectronics.