The Center of Penal and Criminological Research "Héctor Febres Cordero" CENIPEC, is one of the Research Centers which is currently part of the Faculty of Juridical and Political Sciences of the Universidad de Los Andes. Formally founded in 1975 by a group of professors linked to the study of penal-criminology and directed by Dr. Héctor Febres Cordero, the Center began to function in an uninterrupted manner since June of the following year and has continued as such until present. The Center has been operational as much in the work of research as in the advisement of projects, theses, and research in these areas of juridical science. Since its origins, its activity has been principally oriented towards the elaboration, dissemination, and expansion of research activity as much as in the penal area as the area of criminology. Currently, the Center is divided into Sections of Work: Penal Law Section, Criminology Section, and Justice and Legal Action Section. Each one is comprised of Research Professors who develop research in their respective areas of knowledge. Within each of these sections, research projects are advanced which are designed to strengthen the particular lines of research which comprise the thematic scope of the Center. Some of these include: Juvenile Penal Law, Labor Penal Law, Merchandise* and Penal Law, Penal Process Law, Multiculturalism, Penal Dogmatics (Accidental Fraud, Culpability), Philosophy of Penal Law. The CENIPEC publishes a annual journal, Revista CENIPEC, in which partial or total results of specific research carried out by the Center is published, accompanied by contributions from national or international invited authors. In the same way, the CENIPEC relies on* the Center of Documentation, in which 4000 volumes, 170 published journal titles, and 600 articles may be consulted through Internet and Intranet services. Lines of Research: - Juvenile Penal Law - Labor Penal Law - Merchandise* and Penal Law - Penal Law Process and Multiculturalism - Penal Dogmatics (Accidental Fraud, Culpability) - Penal Law Philosophy, Criminology, Criminal Sociology.